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Monthly news from the Chapter Board

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Happy April All!


Eastern Washington is seeing blue skies and sunshine today, ready for spring! Has Spring reached your neck of the woods? Spring reminds us of renewal and regrowth, and while we don't have a whole lot new to report we still wanted to remind you of what we have going on.



A brand new website is in the works! It will offer a forum for chapter members to engage with one another and ask each other questions, an archive of all past The Nipper issues, a portal to register for upcoming events and workshops, and a gallery of the works shared via chapter exchanges and other exhibits. Keep a look out for its launch!


February 21 to April 22, 2022 : Wild / Life  Exhibit at the Collins Memorial Library

April 16, 2022 : Getting Down to Business : Conversations on Marketing with Alicia Bailey, Don Glaister, and Vicky Stewart. Click here to register.

July 16, 2022 : Getting Down to Business : Conversations on Curating, Archiving, and Legacy with Jane Carlin, Kate Leonard, Justin Johnson, Amy Goldthwaite, and Carolina Veenstra. To register, click here

October 15, 2022 : Getting Down to Business : Conversations on The World of Book Arts with Johanna Drucker and Carletta Carrington Wilson. To register, click here.

With each of our planned panel conversations, we would like to offer a related workshop. So, we want to take this opportunity to ask our members what follow-up topics they would like to know more about with regard to each of the scheduled events.

For instance, regarding Marketing, what would you like to explore in depth? How to set up or use Instagram, how do you price your books or other works, what skills do you need to enter exhibitions, etc. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and suggestions.


A reminder that articles and images for May's issue of The Nipper are due May 1. That leaves the whole month of April to polish off your stories/tips/tricks on the art of Conservation and Restoration! Submit articles to


Also, Mel will be ending her term as Newsletter Editor after this coming issue. Parties interested in continuing the newsletter should contact chapter Chair Jodee Fenton at




And as always, please contact us with any questions, concerns, and hellos!


Northwest Chapter Board, GBW

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